What is Litter Kwitter?

The Litter Kwitter system trains your cat to use a toilet instead of a litter box . . . in under 8 weeks. 

Sounds too good to be true? It does, but it is totally possible and actually quite easy to do – if you use the Litter Kwitter sytem. You see, cats bury odour – not waste. Training your cat to use the toilet satisfies their natural instinct to dispose of their waste because the water hides the odour almost immediately. All you need to do is show them how. They will do the rest.

The Litter Kwitter system was designed by animal behaviorists and veterinary experts to gradually change your cats behaviour using a series of plastic rings that fit over your toilet. You start by filling the red overlay (which has no hole) with litter and place it on the ground next to the toilet. After a week or so, you place it on the toilet. Your cat will instinctively jump up to find its litter and do its business. Once they are comfortable with this routine, you introduce the amber overlay which has a hole in the middle. After a while you replace it with the green ring (which has a bigger hole) and by now they are almost using the entire toilet. When you finally remove the green overlay, your cat will have become so accustomed to the routine that they will continue using the toilet without any overlay and you will finally be litter free.

Over 750 000 units have been sold around the world and every day more and more cat owners bear testimony to the fact that toilet training your cat is not only possible, but easy to do using the Litter Kwitter system.

The 3 step process. . .

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The benefits of being litter free...

Litter boxes are a Hassle

Litter boxes must be cleaned regularly which is unpleasant, messy & time-consuming. Soiled also litter makes the garbage smell and can also block the toilet. You will never have to get up in the middle of the night to let your cat out.

safety is important

Prevent exposing your cats to the hazards of the outdoors such as other cats, dogs, cars and wildlife. Allow them to use the toilet in the comfort and safety of their home.

Litter is Unhygienic

Cats dig in soiled litter then spread it around the home. Soiled litter also sits in an open tray in the house emitting odours & germs which can be hazardous to pregnant women & children

save time & money

Litter is expensive and a grudge purchase. Pay back your Litter Kwitter within a few months and reap the financial benefits thereafter. You will never have to run to the shop to get more litter!

Endorsed by the RSPCA...

"If you own a cat, this product helps the cat to be house trained with ease and is one of the best pet innovations I have seen for years."
Mark Townsend

As seen on TV. . .

Over 750 000 litter free customers...

"This is a simple and effective way of training your cat to use the loo. It saves on the cost of cat litter and pays for itself within a couple of months. I've already recommended it to 2 friends, who have started 'training' their cats."
Caroline Broad
Amazon, USA
"Litter Kwitter is the best thing since sliced bread. Yes, it did take a while (my cat is stubborn) but my cat now fully uses the toilet and litter boxes are a thing of the past for us. My cat also learned how to flush the toilet! She flushes at least once a day after she goes. Every cat I ever own from now on will be toilet trained. Best purchase I made."
Kris Dooley
"2 months now and NO litter! We're Kwitters! I never thought I could do it when we started, but 7 weeks later I did. I am so glad I went through the early pain and effort; it's smashing. I am saving over £8 a week on cat litter!"
London, UK
"The greatest cat product you will ever buy. My only advice would be to have each stage at 1 month instead of two weeks (and plug/fill all sinks) otherwise if you rush your feline friend, they will use anything else possible for a toilet (including towels and bath mats)."
Verified Purchaser
Amazon, USA
"I managed to train my 9 year old cat to go to the toilet. It's worth the money. Previously I tried another kit and I wasn't able to teach my cat because I didn't have the option to go a step back."
Verified Purchaser
Amazon, USA
"I bought this after looking up an alternative to cat litter and it's amazing! I followed the instructions and now my cat is completely litter free. She uses the toilet entirely and has had no accidents at all (touch wood). I'm utterly amazed at how well this worked and am so thankful as cat litter is a complete pain! Would recommend 100%."
Amazon, USA

Now available in South Africa...

LitterKwitter is now available in South Africa.

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